Some of my favourites

So since my first son was born and we left our lovely life in New Zealand to return to the UK, things have been pretty non stop. I carried on working but updating social media landed itself at the bottom of my ever increasing to do list. Then we added another small human into the mix…and that was that! Updating Facebook and my website fell right off the bottom of my to do list (along with sleep), which is now scribbled somewhat sporadically on the back of a piece of kitchen roll in green washable felt tip pen and attached to the fridge with an alphabet magnet and hidden by son ones latest nursery masterpiece. Then one magical day, all the stars aligned and someone slept while someone else played and lunch was already made and we had no plans and there was a hot cup of tea on the table and the lap top just happened to be out from the cupboard in which it now lives so as to avoid drink spillage thrice daily and I thought to myself: I wonder if I can remember my WordPress log in. Two password resets later and an hours worth of ProPhoto support forums on widget customisation and hey presto! Here I am.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite images from the last couple of years (if I can find them on my seven separate external hard drives) and maybe just maybe I’ll get round to uploading some of the work I do in 2017. So here goes…

NB: I quickly realised that trawling through seven hard drives full of thousands of photographs to try and decide on my favourites is way beyond my post childbirth decision making capability. More to the point it was quickly eating into the hour I have between getting smallest tiny person down to sleep for the night and passing out myself, so here are some randomly selected images from the last couple of years. Not quite as appealing a blog title. It’s the thought!


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