About Me


For a while I was living summer to summer to summer (and the odd Autumn), year long wedding seasons, between England and New Zealand. Taking a LOT of pictures. Pictures of people in love, pictures of people getting married, pictures of babies and families and a few pictures of my own.

I married a kiwi and I LOVE to travel. Eleven homes in seven years. Then in 2013, in Wellington NZ, our little boy was born. So we decided to head back to England and see out all the seasons in one country for a while. It looks as though we’re sticking around for a while as our second son was born in Cambridge in 2016; I’m surrounded by boys!

You can find me just north of London, available for shoots throughout London, Herts, Essex, Cambs, Suffolk and anywhere else you might like to invite me. The Cotswolds and Cornwall are particular favourites of mine and a wedding in the Scottish Highlands is my dream, or a French Chateaux or an Italian vineyard! My heart belongs in New Zealand and someday we will head back there.

I’ve had a London career and studied for my Master’s degree but nothing at all makes me as happy as being in the thick of life as it happens, with my camera. It’s the perfect job for me. I’m a no fuss, lover of light, documentary kind of photographer who cares about your story.  I’m a kind of extroverted introvert. I love people but not lots of attention. I want to live by the sea but within a week I miss the city. This is probably why I am so at home in Wellington.

Most of all I, want to capture moments for you to look back on and smile.

The funny moments, the crazy moments, the special moments, the beautiful moments, the unnoticed moments and the little things that matter most.

Some of my favourite things

A decent cup of Earl Grey (or 5), my family, my girlfriends (the bacon bits on the salad of my life), cardigans, All Day Breakfast, early mornings and late nights, the beach in winter, Aldeburgh fish & chips, painting my nails, long weekends, singing, mittens, marmite, Rioja, pancakes, dusk on holiday, cards for any occasion, sunshine, meringue, listening to my son sing in Maori, afternoon tea, cities, people, making things, dancing ‘til I’m really hot, learning things, when I get to sleep past 05:30am!  notebooks, old photos, flowers, museums, a good cause, rowing, swimming, New Zealand, making plans, foreign languages, cinema on a Sunday, long drives and uphill walks, big landscapes, changing my mind, flossing, new places, heart-warming stories. Most of all I love photography, like, really love it, obsessively. I don’t like bananas, voice-mail, coat hangers, traffic, flying, lip gloss, green jelly tots or when the clocks change for winter.

I find the act of accidentally falling over very, very funny. I try not to laugh when other people do it. I totally get slap stick humour. A completely useless character trait until I had a son.

OH! And I work part-time! Work fits around my family these days. If you want to get hold of me quickly, text is the quickest way 07854 951 355. I’d love to chat with you and have a cup of tea if you are interested in discussing a portrait session or looking for a wedding photographer